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Into the vortex

we can transcend

who we are

begins again.

Breathing new life

until the spark,

kindles the flame,

seeking air

rising higher…

no longer in pain.

Releasing bonds

burning hot,

no more ties,

no more lies,

no more covering our eyes.

The flame burns free

it is alive

a bonfire now

screaming the creed.

On ones own ..

the path is near,

drawing us in …

white hot light,

passing the vibe,

out of sight,

now is the time

to live a true life.


Heart split

open wide,

molten lava

flows as tide,

burning swath

through my life,

no looking back

Love is alive!

Hurling pain

silent killer,

no visible maim.

Feeling now,

untold flood

never guessing

whence it comes…

tear tracks run

down my face,

clear relief

tell tale trace,

of emotion

here and now,

slowly unfolding…

stay in place,

do not hide

time is truly

on our side.

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