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The Summer breeze

fills the air,

inspiring dreams,

drifting fair…

on gossamer wings.

Fragrant scents

bringing scenes…

of distant lands,

and melodic singing,

oceans, deserts, mountains, streams…

these inspire energy.

Creating the future

as brightly lit rings.

All in contrast,

to the present,

traveling as if by magic,

is this a dream

or am I a star?

Slowly now,

descending night


setting in,

an ending tragic.

Morning bird song

wakes me now,

no more travels

for the moment.




Sunset Soul Walk

Sunset glow

orange sky

all we know…

This moment

unfolding slow…ly.

Golden light

pulsing breath

all exists


Fading silence

signals souls

all is well…

sliding into midnight

we quell.

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