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Daily Thought

Golden Sorrow

Passing by a fallen tree

feeling sorrow

on bended knee.

I tread burnished leaves,

as Golden threads,

Seeing the light

filter through,

feeling the divine

inspired web.

Falling leaves

like tears…

shedding all my sorrow,

fills my heart

no need to borrow,

onward to the setting sun,

gliding on

until tomorrow.


Daily Thought


Angels wings

surround my flight,

peaceful union,

soft winds sigh.

Flying higher

as I go,

fearless leader

no more foes.

Changing now,

feeling the shift,

to higher being

without woe.

Sailing now…


seeing all

in my presence.

The stars…

light the way

tis clear.

No more body,

no more fear.

Farewell Dear Friend


Riding the vibration

to higher realms,

sparkling ladder

light filled rungs.

Carry me onward

swiftly done,

wings on my feet…

now I’m gone.

No more body,

no more brain,

no more thinking,

no more pain.

Etheric grid-

surrounding souls

with intention,

spontaneous rain.

All is love

All is light

All is freedom

All ignite!






Into the vortex

we can transcend

who we are

begins again.

Breathing new life

until the spark,

kindles the flame,

seeking air

rising higher…

no longer in pain.

Releasing bonds

burning hot,

no more ties,

no more lies,

no more covering our eyes.

The flame burns free

it is alive

a bonfire now

screaming the creed.

On ones own ..

the path is near,

drawing us in …

white hot light,

passing the vibe,

out of sight,

now is the time

to live a true life.


Deeper than ocean

Stronger than streams,

Following destiny

in silent screams…

No one can hear

a heart in motion,

churning the past,

feeling devotion.

Why? We still ask,

is this  the case,

knowing the answer,

rising to the task.

Feeling the person,

Feeling the pain,

Feeling a presence,

with profound love…

connection is vast

rising above.

Witnessing life

as it rhymes,

till joined again …

for all time.

New World

Cool winds of change

now they blow,

recognizing fate

forcing us to go,

beyond our limits

whether it changes

all we know.

And then –

we circle back,

questioning ourselves

am I on the right track?

for me…


then we go

moving forward,

following the path

as set forth,

in the flow.

Harshness and beauty

as we behold,

all in perspective

letting go.

Onward, onward

we must fly

fulfilling our destiny

saying goodbye.

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