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Remembering Dad

On this day

in earthly time,

he went away

to flee the pain.

His life of service–

to Country

to Family

to Marriage,

of all these…

he taught us true,

the first is Love

to see us through.

We feel the loss

with remembrance of …

a certain way

to over gloss,

conditions which

shape our loss.

To honor lessons

given to

the way we live

and honor him,

but most of all

we remember…



Dream It

Upon waking, she heard a voice

sweet and still

nothing shrill,

whispers in the morning


Saying slowly

strong and sure,

never fear

there is always more.

For those who ask

and those who choose,

the way is clear,

of this we are sure.

Lilting and low,

the tenor led her

to a field settled with snow,

whereupon she witnessed

the rising sun.

See this field of wheat my dear?

The song asked her so, so near.

All of the town

may have this to eat.

Rise up and tell the people

of the town,

sleeping still,

to come and harvest

the bounty here.

Running to alert the folk,

she saw a vast green patch,

wondering …

she stopped.

Seeing vegetables rising

and growing to the sky!

Now she felt

her excitement grow,

she thought her hopes

were all but lost,

this WAS a miracle,

before her eyes.

Skipping now

she went fast,

barely breathing,

flying past,

a stand of cows

with a sign

that read, free milk here

come for repast.

Stumbling into

the center of town,

she could not talk,

or even frown,

wonderment filled her cherub face,

sparked with joy,

and beaming grace,

the town was saved,

by pure belief,

that all would be well,

and all would be safe.

Praying each night,

when all was lost,

hope restored,

onward to see.

The villagers gathered

to hear the tale,

told by a young girl,

of her beautiful dream,

and all were beholden

in their quiet faith,

knowing the way was always there,

uncovered by the love of

a sweet dear girl,

and presented by God,

to save them all,

safe & sound

who heard the call.

The Web

Spiders dancing in the breeze

up and down as on trapeze,

to and fro,

within the glow,

of sun’s rise…

gliding happily on a line,

of spun silk.

All within the web of life,

all connected…

black and white,

all together…

spinning to sew,

a net of love,

in a world of hate,

catching those

who learn too late…

to break the mold

and open the gate.

Surging out to cleanse the void,

light filled souls

sway the tide,

Now tis time

to seal our fate

with love and peace,

on this ride…

called life.



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