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A Breeze Through the Kitchen Window

Have you ever in your life, had a consistent sensory memory when you say to yourself, if not for that, I may not have made it?

A sensory memory… such as a breeze through the kitchen window, allows you to feel in alignment with all that is. You feel connected with who you really are, its a feeling of peace. It may dven be a longtime memory or feeling, and it always brings you back to center.

I have one to share, it is a breeze through the kitchen window. No matter where I live or the temperature, when ever I feel a breeze through the kitchen window, it takes me back to my soul center. I feel at peace, I breathe deeply and I travel along the breeze to wherever it takes me. The destination never matters, it’s the feeling of peace and alignment that comes with it.

When I first became aware of the power of this particular sensory memory, (origin unknown) I was in my early motherhood years living where I really did not want to live. Also, I must add, besides the breeze there was a wonderful oak tree in the front yard. The combination kept me present yet knowing, I was more than what I was experiencing at the time, and I felt clearly able to focus on presence, yet understand there is a future me.

How? Well the breeze can take on many different forms of travel — through time, or imagination and season.

The tree was grounding for me as a creative, loving spirit in a human body who was faithfully and lovingly raising my baby boy as I had promised. Is any life ever perfect? Well, we know that if we can maintain our presence in the moment, flow occurs. AND yes, it can be perfect without judgement. But we always strive to judge don’t we? Especially ourselves.

Remembering I felt as though I was a mere function, as a mother… breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning and working.

It can be mundane and boring. Yet, if you stay in the love you feel for your child, you can bring joy and comfort to your soul.

I know I was able to do so. I do not regret a moment of that experience, as I have never felt such unconditional love. As I now grieve my own Mother’s passing, I understand one thing more than ever. She always told me I had to had bear a child, for “you never feel that type of love from another,” she said. And, of course, she was right. Thankfully I did feel that overwhelming, unconditional love and connection with my son.

But, one main memory that got me through the mundane parts of that experience was a “breeze through the kitchen window.” As I have lived my life through its ups and downs, the breeze lifts me up, no matter the circumstances. I just stop, breathe and allow stillness. If only for a minute or two.

I felt it just now, and I feel it often. I allow it to take me on a magic carpet ride, rejoicing in flying, over the clouds, smelling the cool, fresh air.

Knowing that yes, I can do anything. I can correct any type of down ward spiral, but acknowledging my sovereignty as a unit of divinity is the reminder of such.

Realizing that our souls as contained in our human bodies, can create our day, our magic or our sorrow. It really is up to us. It matters not to anyone else or any other soul or God or the collective consciousness.

When we do transition, or pass on, there is no judgement. We become free. So as I relish in my breeze through the kitchen window, or you relish your tomato garden, or watercolor painting, just remember, today is all we have.

Cherish it!

Facing Fear through Mindfulness

By Susan Nefzger

When you let go of fear and face your surroundings, you call up the ability to alter the experience of the present moment. At this point, you can change the present landscape by changing your perception. Its not escapism, it is the opposite, actually. The action taken assists in the realization that what you are sensing is only one way to interpret what is occurring.

The goal of mindfulness is to embrace the present, which helps by observing it, allowing for distance.

Then by observing without being immersed, you can interpret the current situation in a number of ways.

Think of a prism of light through the window reflecting off glass, you can see the how the light refracts off the facets of glass or a crystal. While each perspective is part of the whole, they are all unique. Nothing is the absolute truth, though all are true.

Creation of Your Reality

Adopting a New Perspective

Since our mind has created patterns of thoughts and behaviors, we tend to filter our thoughts and actions based on what we already believe.

Becoming mindful of your own filters is a first step. Then learning how to change the filter, reminds us of our power to do so. Next, making a new choice is simplified, and creating new patterns helps you write a new story. The new story exists without the past filters and steers you to see the difference.

So, step back from the current reality, notice all the details, the sights the smells, the filters, the patterns. What interpretations are you imposing on what is happening in your present moment?

Owning how you feel and experience life is what will help you shift your feelings. The goal is to explore your internal landscape with a level of detachment instead of being psychologically or emotionally identified with it. The key is detachment. Detachment allows for observing, instead of being that something.

Identification feels permanent like it will be that way forever. Observation sets you free from the illusion of emotional permanence.

Mindfulness Practice

Gaining distance and moving into the observer role can be trying at times. Especially if you are already feeling negative. Try these tips to gain a regular mindfulness moment in your day. Expand that moment into 15 minutes and then 30. As you realize what it takes by retraining your brain, you can begin to live consciously without emotional pain or attachment.

  1. Find or create a guided meditation to use.

A guided meditation of any length or style, can help you embrace where you are.As you listen to the meditation, you become relaxed and slide into the observer position.

Once you are in the observer position, you’ll realize the anxiety or fear or emotion is not you. It is your state of mind brought about by circumstances. You can see clearly with the added perspective and distance provided by the guided meditation. What you observe is separate from you. Then you begin to see how you change your perspective of what you observe, which changes everything!

  1. Practice Observation

For example, just because your friend or sibling says they don’t like your outfit, it doesn’t have to elicit a response from you. Remember, no response is a response. So, by utilizing observation, you realize you are not the young person who would take it personally, because of an adolescent need for approval or acceptance. No, you are not your feelings of insecurity.Yes, you feel those things, but the feelings are not you, because you are separate from them.

When you separate from your emotions, you create space in which to make a different choice.

We can always remain present to understand the situation between observing and emotions.

This is the power of mindfulness! Once you get it, you then trust in your ability to remain present. The practice expands and you are living consciously on a daily basis. You are happier and your family, friends and colleagues are too.

3) If it happens that you face negative and challenging emotions, just slow down and be still. This action will likely be the opposite of what you feel you need to do. But in the stillness, listen to your intuition as it speaks, guiding and assisting you in the direction of the next right action for you to take. Breathe deeply through your nostrils, in and out a few times, feel the difference? Ahhhhhh…

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