Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day



Golden Sorrow

Passing by a fallen tree

feeling sorrow

on bended knee.

I tread burnished leaves,

as Golden threads,

Seeing the light

filter through,

feeling the divine

inspired web.

Falling leaves

like tears…

shedding all my sorrow,

fills my heart

no need to borrow,

onward to the setting sun,

gliding on

until tomorrow.


Free Heart

Silence is deafening,

it breaks my heart,

allowing for…

a hidden spark.

The peace it brings,

is unknown to many…

As cicadas sing.

Breathing deep,

feeling peace.

Heed the call,

Dive in

sing loud…

rise above it all.

Today is the day

to care for self,

to think of you

and no one else.

Take space,

take time…

to listen in,

to what your heart

is whispering in.

Hear your song,

to understand…

what matters most,

to follow your path,

then walk it …

in Truth

and serve …

your fellow Men.

Share your gift,

light the way,

for others to see

the freedom it brings.

Free to laugh,

free to flee,

to happier days,

to feel set free!


I dwell in space

beside the Moon,

with sparkling lights

where air is clear.

I see the face

of every being,

on Earth or Mars,

they emanate

The vibration of life,

as each heart sings

its own song.

A time and place

it matters not,

the whole of man

or enlightened sage,

appear in simultaneous place.

We are all the same

as we sigh…

a broker heart,

a baby’s cry,

an old man sobbing

in the night…

We fit together one by one,

into the puzzle…

created  by the Soul of Souls,

to build a world

full of grace,

and fill it with kindness,

for the human race.

Summer Sounds

When we hear

the gentle sounds…

and Summer tells

the time of day…

Cicadas and tree frogs

their songs do swell,

singing and charming

with their tales.

Tinkling water

running by…

flowing smoothly

as we sigh.

Into morning,

from the dawn,

on to eventide

from Sun’s nigh.

Cooling, soothing

light does fade,

as the night noise

joins the parade.


Angels wings

surround my flight,

peaceful union,

soft winds sigh.

Flying higher

as I go,

fearless leader

no more foes.

Changing now,

feeling the shift,

to higher being

without woe.

Sailing now…


seeing all

in my presence.

The stars…

light the way

tis clear.

No more body,

no more fear.

Death of Old

And when at last

we step upon

the other shore,

knowing of our death,

falls like a stone.

The sands of time,

have brought us here,

to live our lives…

to tell the tale.

For if not that…

as survival shone,

like a bright star…

to follow the path.

leading us home.

Now, here we stand

as rising tide

it does reveal

the time to ride.

We go in Peace

We go in Love

We feel the pull …

the dove appears …

to show the way,

Onward now, tis a new day.



Changing Tides

Life and loss

its all the same,

equality of emotion

the subtle refrain…

deep pain

deep joy

deep breath

and then…

the next moment…

all is done.

The spirit of life

symbolizes the one,

that long ago faith,

we grasp in grief.

But grasp we must

we know the pace,

no matter evolution,

or trust in heav’n,

no matter our love,

no matter loss,

its all minute

compared to life,

as we know it…

as we strive,

to keep our existence

so alive.

Its not that way

we are all free,

to come and go,

and say good bye,

but remember…

tis just a pass-key

to this day.

It’s all we’ve got!

Do the most,

on the spot.

Be kind

Be brave

Be gentle,

then… but most of all


to all hu – mans,

in the free fall…

of life.

The Mothership

The golden light

as birds fly home

sounds their flight

with a constant hum…

To fuel the fire

of our dreams,

as eventide

does become….

The ship on which

our dreams do sail,

engenders love

never to fail…

tis a way

to go back home,

to join our race,

at the throne.

The Mothership..

as she doth roam,

The Mothership,

a home of homes…

where all spirits

meet to share the news,

to end the day

full of muse – ings…

to circle round,

and join in love,

to circle round

and close the gap,

of life and death

of which there’s none.

The light is strong,

tis the way

the energy doth pervade,

our lives….

In many ways

tis always there,

tis in our dreams,

tis in our waking,

and lying down,

we feel the pull,

which knows no bounds.





A Mother’s Heart

The trail of tears

run down my face,

leaving tracks

none could trace.

With anguished heart

keeping pace,

overflowing love

spills through

my eyes,

and gently drowns

as reality I face.

Burgeoning emotion

causal tide,

returning to the ocean,

rushing wide,

all in motion

an unforgiving space.

Empty vessel

mother lode,

sings to the heavens

for a heart to hold,

slowing vanishing…

as forever told.



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