Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

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New World

Endless Spirit

Time cannot erase

the loving embrace,

of my brothers and sisters,

the peace on their faces.

Once we were together to claim,

the unity of the One Love,

the calling we name…


Our hearts feel the pull,

of that long ago time,

recalling the details we put into place,

to call upon at will.

Each forever holds a key,

to the Open Heart…

in order to feel it,

one need only to see…

The Way.

Tis a different path for you than for me,

Yet we have a gift to share,

and to believe…

The Word.

The time to mourn is past,

for our way of life,

tis over now,

As we know, it would not last.

Hearts hold the key,

to the endless spirit,

a past to conceal,

we commune to receive,

and  undoubtedly feel…

a lifetime of love.



Raindrops falling

through the night,

gently as my soul

takes flight,

towards the moon

held by Venus on high,

where does this dream lead,

into the sky?

Flying higher,

noble cryer,

into the mist enveloping me,

with its net

catching my dream,

within its fist,

like a fly.

Am I safe or am I right,

Will my dream last through the night?

Calmly, slowly floating back to earth,

Raindrops falling in the pond,

calling us to greet the morn.



The Call

The gloaming starts at the beginning of time,

then we rise up out of the slime…

who are we,  what will we be?

How do we shape our destiny?

To be the one who brings the light,

or commits to darkness is the question we ask.

They both exist together as one,

it is the way, it is never undone…

For in the dark comes the light

to shine forth, to show the possibilities

we all share.

Yet we choose our path,

no matter the snares….

along the way.

Day to day we change and grow,

most act as if they’ll never know

the form of their faith,

or of their right

as beings of the creator,

as beings of light.

But its there inside you,  in each of us.

Tis calling your name now,

tis calling your heart,

your gift is the true bond

that connects you to the heavens.

Tis but a string of energy connecting the dots

to this earth bound life.

Look! See the light beams shining in the night?

That is the thread that moves us all,

remember you are special and can endure…

The life you choose is up to you,

the world stands ready to answer the call.





The world is changing, tis crumbling inside…

metamorphosis to bring the tide

of hope.

Let us witness,

let us breathe,

joining in the energy…

of new life.

All is not lost, all may cope…

never fear and never falter,

for our mission is to offer

the picture of our brave new life,

complete with rainbows and sparking light.

Every color in all the trees, birds flying round

through the breeze,

of brightness.

Butterflies and fairies too,

wish it and its there for you!

Just remember stay the course,

of love and hope to join the force

of Light.







The Keeper of the Flame

The candle flickers in the snow

for those on the path to see…

it lights the way through the dark, and gives us hope

so that we know.

Hold fast warriors

till the dawn,

which brings the sunrise to light

the morn.

Hastening we go toward the flame,

that burns in our heart till we meet again.

A span of lifetimes or tomorrow

we never know,

but trust in the enlivening energy of the Universe

to write the script with our joy and sorrow.

To breathe the air of this new beginning,

proves the time is here for change

Its in our thoughts, our hearts and soul,

a harbinger bringing the light to bear,

to change the world and spread peace everywhere.

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