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Daily Inspiration

Open the Door

I know the way

its all but clear,

following the path

without fear.

A shining light

is my closest guide,

allowing a break through…

to the other side.

We cannot remain hidden,

to resist the lure,

without doing the work,

which opens the door…

to freedom.

The choice is ours

to stay or go,

one way is dark,

the other is lit with a glow…

of Love.

Shining bright

tis very clear,

at last our fate,

is drawing near.

Those of us who carry the light,

must move forward,

through the night.

Onward through the breaking dawn,

hold on now,

no longer as pawns,

Source is guiding us to the dawn.



The Call

We know its our time,

yet dont take the step,

that moves us forward,

for our lives to shine.

Why do we hesitate?

Why do we wait?

Is it fear of feeling a difference?

Conditioned to think its too late….

Told for so long,

we will not tally up,

to others expectations.

Fear not,

all those who dream…

of boldness,

of strength,

of beauty,

and new worlds.

Know the truth that sets you apart,

know the truth this is yours to impart,

that is your gift alone,

it will set you free.

It is there in your heart,

be in silence to hear,

the ringing of bells,

faintly  cheering,

you on…

Believe it is real,

for each man, woman and child,

see beyond the illusion,

share your gift of inclusion,

it is meant for all,

to heal the rift.

Centuries old,

the stories foretold,

for now we behold ,

the call to erase

all darkness and evil,

from the human race.

Keeper of the Word

As the day reveals itself

I know the hymn,

chanting, moving,

going within..

Connecting worlds

is how I leave …

the force of earth

that is trapping me.

Now I fly and leave the race,

all trying to save face,

its pointless yes, I see that now,

but I will go and come back …


The time is upon us,

onward we travel,

we commit to the test,

in order to unravel…

the quest.

The heaven’s have gifted the words

to my care,

I honor the blessings

and promise to share…

the word.

Of the word I am keeper,

it is my secret,

it is my curse.

The one who carries,

mystery in verse.

Answers so simple,

many cry its subversive…

Look again Dear Ones,

it’s as clear as day,

waiting for the key

you can unlock the gate,

walk into your power,

walk into your grace,

wake up to your gift,

it’s yours to take.









The North winds blows my soul

across the milky way,

gently escorting my dreams…

Time before,

and time now,

where does it go,

how can I know?

Flying higher spirit released,

exploding into harmony,

seeing all there is…

Present, future and past,

flowing like lava,

my essence knows,

tis a gift to hold so close,

for the times there’s no repose.

The earth appears,

I must go back,

deciding on a graceful tack,

o’er the oceans of far away lands,

glorious trees and golden sands.

My heart now present,

I’m almost there,

remembering the journey is all we have,

and finally…. to live without fear.

The gift is buried,

deep inside my being,

to draw from anytime a tear


The presence of  a magic trip,

into the realms

we’re unaware of …

due to ignorance,

dark and silent.

There is the light

to shine through the night,

to share without abandon,

changing the paradigm…

changing our lives.

Moving, sailing into the wide blue skies.



Endless Spirit

Time cannot erase

the loving embrace,

of my brothers and sisters,

the peace on their faces.

Once we were together to claim,

the unity of the One Love,

the calling we name…


Our hearts feel the pull,

of that long ago time,

recalling the details we put into place,

to call upon at will.

Each forever holds a key,

to the Open Heart…

in order to feel it,

one need only to see…

The Way.

Tis a different path for you than for me,

Yet we have a gift to share,

and to believe…

The Word.

The time to mourn is past,

for our way of life,

tis over now,

As we know, it would not last.

Hearts hold the key,

to the endless spirit,

a past to conceal,

we commune to receive,

and  undoubtedly feel…

a lifetime of love.



Raindrops falling

through the night,

gently as my soul

takes flight,

towards the moon

held by Venus on high,

where does this dream lead,

into the sky?

Flying higher,

noble cryer,

into the mist enveloping me,

with its net

catching my dream,

within its fist,

like a fly.

Am I safe or am I right,

Will my dream last through the night?

Calmly, slowly floating back to earth,

Raindrops falling in the pond,

calling us to greet the morn.



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