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Beyond the Veil

Ancients followed

the well worn path

to preserve…

what is now our past.

The truth now

will set us free,

in the shadow of

the wisdom tree.

Druids, fairies, tiny Gnomes

scattering unseen

as we roam.

The silent Forest

stands before us,

particles of light

shower the dearest

of our clan…

enlightening magic

passing on

filling the void.

Silent Forest

lend your ear,

gather to embrace

in this chosen year.

Looking Forward

Wandering on

a beautiful day

surrounded by,

hummingbirds and


Magic abounds

following me,

showing the heights

im transcending.

As the day spins,

waterfall trickling, sparkling

and singing,

baptizing those

moving ahead,

not going backward.

Releasing wounds

that cut a swath

through tender hearts

with a woeful wrath.

Healing now…

its full speed ahead!

Don’t look over

your shoulder,

there are better days ahead.



New World

Cool winds of change

now they blow,

recognizing fate

forcing us to go,

beyond our limits

whether it changes

all we know.

And then –

we circle back,

questioning ourselves

am I on the right track?

for me…


then we go

moving forward,

following the path

as set forth,

in the flow.

Harshness and beauty

as we behold,

all in perspective

letting go.

Onward, onward

we must fly

fulfilling our destiny

saying goodbye.

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