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Easter Meaning

The feelings rise

awash in faith…

to know the one

who created the race,

with love and peace

entrusting strength,

to carry on…

amidst destruction apace.

Of Family, friends ,

of Holy Lore,

Lifetimes spent

upon the shore…

We left to further

the word of truth…

ensuring lifetimes

beyond the youth,

we bore.

Remember this…

Remember well…

We are the Souls

of which I tell.

Share the Light

Share the Word

of Love  and Faith,

to win the race.


Dawn surrounds us

lightning phase…

laying foundations,

deep below

allowing freedom

we do not know,

until such time,

life drags us down,

into the abyss

of human love,

signaling a phase

of letting go…

Grief and heartache

bliss and then,

flying free

we can ascend.


A Mother’s Heart

The trail of tears

run down my face,

leaving tracks

none could trace.

With anguished heart

keeping pace,

overflowing love

spills through

my eyes,

and gently drowns

as reality I face.

Burgeoning emotion

causal tide,

returning to the ocean,

rushing wide,

all in motion

an unforgiving space.

Empty vessel

mother lode,

sings to the heavens

for a heart to hold,

slowing vanishing…

as forever told.



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