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Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

Beyond the Veil

Ancients followed

the well worn path

to preserve…

what is now our past.

The truth now

will set us free,

in the shadow of

the wisdom tree.

Druids, fairies, tiny Gnomes

scattering unseen

as we roam.

The silent Forest

stands before us,

particles of light

shower the dearest

of our clan…

enlightening magic

passing on

filling the void.

Silent Forest

lend your ear,

gather to embrace

in this chosen year.

Daily Inspiration


Dreaming of flying

o’er lavender fields

magic ascending

heart’s symphony reveals,

healing in motion…

soothing to feel.


photo credit:  Piotr Skrypiec / insta @piotrskrypiec

Here it is! All things Awareness! LA40 Talk Radio video!

Tree Light

Light filled essence

Guides us

Fill our hearts

With trust

Faith in parts


Songs of life

The whispering breeze

hears a tune

singing a song

with the trees,

back and forth

and to and fro…

onward we go.

Flying high,

playing with stars

in the sky…

a symphony of nature,

sharing the light,

with planet Earth

shining in

the dance of Life.





Soaring above

no sound…

flying high

vibration abounds,

reaching heights

unknown before,

goodbye world

settles the score.

Sky blue dreams


wakeful screams

sleep they await.

Unlock the mind

to be at peace,

and breathe a sigh…

feel release.

Nothing lasts

this is true,

energy so vast

without a clue.

Be the light

and with the dawn,

rising Sun

drives fear


Level the field

to dance and sing,

a new reality

into being.


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