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Publicist Rockstars: “Figure out what your strengths are and utilize those to maximize your…

I had the pleasure of interviewing Susan Nefzger. Susan is a 30 year veteran Public Relations and Internet Marketing executive. Having served as spokesperson during the 9–11 tragedy for the American…
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The opening in my soul allows fresh air into the corners of my mind.

Breathing slowly…

noticing each breath brings tranquility.

Seeing… all things as I create

painting a canvas that is joyful, peaceful and sparkling with possibility.

All things are possible

weaving magic into the ether.

Feeling the present… yet creating the future.

Loving, grateful and helpful to all –

Sending the vibration into the Universe.

Visualizing its impact with positive intentions.

Living…. today with smiling faces, open hearts and positive minds.

The canvas is complete …. what a beautiful world!

Who Am I?

Moving beyond corporate life I now dub myself “Conscious Writer” and nature photographer, food lover and sometime PR Gal.

A native Floridian surrounded by a tropical paradise, I choose to see beyond the ordinary and find the beauty in each day! My goal is to inspire you to do the same.

For what is life without beauty and love?

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