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The Call of Your Heart

The Call of Your Heart

Join me with host Khrys Vaughan, on In Her Company, as we recount the journey of following my heart’s call leading to complete transformation.

Daily Inspiration

Alignment feels good

Daily Inspiration

Daily Motivation

Coming soon: “A Practical Guide to Living Fearlessly.”

Excerpt: How do we live in love not fear?

“When you catch yourself having to be right, in any situation… that is the fear reaction resulting from feeling a lack of control or needing to control outcomes. This position leaves one with no room for love, openness or listening. Any one person is responsible only for their own life. Most often we can’t change people. Love is being neutral yet supportive. Detach from other’s stories. Observe in order to be open to the flow of interaction, instead of trying to edit it by assuming you already know the outcome.”

Daily Motivation

Create your day!

Daily Motivation

Every day is a new way to do so!

Daily Inspiration

Daily Thought

Create space to review your obligations, allowing time for self care and meditation.

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