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The Calling

The morning rain

clear and cold

calls my name…

to walk out boldly,

knowing my purpose,

bringing the word

to those foretold.

who seek the truth,

yet remain blind…

easing the pain

uncertainty holds.

Shining light

following faith

on the path,

as destiny’s flight

follows a course

set upon the journey here,

as I entered

the atmosphere.

Now, its time

to be the one…

to raise the flag

upon rising sun

showing the way,

as once was done.

Never fear

it is our task

as way-showers…

we have chosen

to bear,

And as promised…

the love to share.





Creation is…

to most who know,

the vibration of


allowed to move…

through the stars,

shattering layers,

of unseen matter

in the guise of

constant prayer.

Now is the time

to set the course,

weaving magic–

line by line,

shining as a brilliant star,

briefly passing

trine by trine,

gathering speed

to go so far.


follows light filled sound,

flowing toward

love unbound.



Daily Thought

A Mother’s Heart

The trail of tears

run down my face,

leaving tracks

none could trace.

With anguished heart

keeping pace,

overflowing love

spills through

my eyes,

and gently drowns

as reality I face.

Burgeoning emotion

causal tide,

returning to the ocean,

rushing wide,

all in motion

an unforgiving space.

Empty vessel

mother lode,

sings to the heavens

for a heart to hold,

slowing vanishing…

as forever told.




Sunday sermon calling my name,

listen closely,

to mermaids dancing in the waves…

Diving, swimming, deeper I go,

deeper and deeper to Atlantis I rode,

breathing the water with aqualungs,

soon I’ll arrive in the promised land.

Gliding, sliding in an intuitive leap,

guiding me to a dreamlike sleep,

far from reality,

to my ancient home.

In the beginning,

in the sea,

take me there O friendly seahorse,

let me be,

where I belong,

where I am free.




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