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Love and Light

For Cat & Tomek:

The One who knows

your every wish,

silently loving,

whispering ties…

that bind,

two soul’s together,

for all time.

The heated looks,

the quiet sighs,

as slowly burning,

passion belies…

the deep connection,

from the heart,

sent from heaven

never apart.

The time for vows,

drawing near,

however far,

we feel no fear,

for our dear sister

found her love.

On the day,

with Goddess might

drawing the circle,

made of light.

Loved ones cry

at the sight,

Perfect Love,

carries from night

into dreamtime…

further still,

all our Angels

feel the thrill!

Daily Thought

Heaven’s Gate

On wings of doves

she flew,

with her loves…

as promised on faith,

some day we may

have a talk,

to learn the way

to paradise.

What its like

and how to claim,

the wonder waiting…

beyond the rise,

of clouds and rainbows,

created by…

a million sighs.

Of dreams and passions,

thrown to the heavens,

sprinkling earth

from the skies,

like tiny raindrops overhead,

meant to fulfill

our deepest desires.

We know the gate

is by death itself,

but to cry and wail,

is lacking grace,

as has been told

through the ages,

images we hold…

Love, light and peace

Just waiting there

at the end…

of heaven’s stairway.



The world alone

shudders in fear,

as glaring reality

forces us to atone.

We close ourselves

to what may come,

creating an illusion

as to draw near…

our dreams and loves

of turtle doves,

gentle images surround

silent tears.

For love may come

and love may go,

but friendship lasts

forever so…

that when the time

comes to say—


the bond remains,

between hearts,

it never dies,

whether in spirit —

or in your lovely blue eyes.





In the dark

she saw a flicker,

a shadow of

life yet to be,

sensing movement

seeing there,

future unfulfilled..

she bade him come,

to sit beneath

the oak tree.

Future mine…

she asked him near,

what is so dear

that brings you close,

here …

in the dark?

Let us stay together

waiting for sunrise,

then I’ll know you

when the need


Future sat

and wrapped her

in love,

giving her a sense

of the way

a feeling of security,

for all her days.

Then he left

without goodbye,

exept a small refrain

to remember him by…

“Stay bright

Stay alight

Be the comfort

On a cold night.”

Without a sound

Future was gone,

she wandered slowly into

the dawn.

But, now she had

beginnings of  a song,

to carry in her heart

to sing along,

to whisper softly

keeping a secret

on a shelf,

To unlock in near

or distant times,

to help those in need

with her rhyme.

Now, she feels the coldest air

blow down

from the mountain

into the town.

Tis the present…

she must stay abreast,

doing her work,

preparing winter’s nest,

making the children

secure in the home,

making each night

warm and light,

giving each- a tender hug

good night.

As for the past,

that is all there is…

to remind us of memories

both cherished and sad,

bringing the moments

once in the present

now gone to the wind.

Remember the lessons

to never again

fear the mistakes

or cry for a sin,

just keep looking forward

never to bend,

“Stay bright

Stay a light

Be the comfort

On a cold night.”



The Angel’s Story

From deep within the story goes,

the nightime world is juxtaposed,

to bid the earth

in heavenly throes…

with saintly protectors

to carry our woes.

It happened one night, a stormy one…

an Angel was called to help a tot,

having a nightmare,

she was calmed on the spot.

But in the time the suffering was silenced,

the Angel fell in love,

did not want to go away …

and went to  the little girl every day.

They shared stories

and played on and on,

until such time,

she was no longer a child,

but tall and graceful and strong.

One winter’s night, the Angel came to say,

we cannot survive as soulmates now,

please keep me in your heart,

and bless our past,

for in your soul is where I reside,

always remember,

I’m here at your side.

Through all you encounter,

both happy and sad,

never fear, know to the core,

Im here to serve…

your guardian Angel forever more.

The girl went on with her life,

and on occasion,

out of the corner of her eye,

spying a figure,

bathed in light,

by the end of her bed,

there was the Angel,

soothing her from a day

filled with strife.

Then she knew her Angel friend

was near,

dozing off to dream… she went …holding her dear.




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