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Daily Inspiration

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Rejuvenate Your Soul in the South of France

Ascending with Love

As love descends

the glitter falls,

on unsuspecting hearts…

to sound the call;

wake up!

wake up!

the time is here…

for openness and being clear,

on who you are…

for the one true soul

is very near.

The paradigm is changing now,

the clarion sound

of birthright vows,

whispered in the dark of night…

floating in at dawn’s first light.

If we fail

the human race,

getting lost in daily life,

drowning in a frantic pace,

failure to raise our vibration,

by holding on …

hinders the planet’s ascension.

Be the love,

Be the light,

stay the path,

with conviction.

Be the soul

who soldiers on,

be the one who leads us all.

Never forget- we chose this life,

the collective calls…

we sew the matrix,

avoiding strife,

we attract the souls

to help us fight,

staying close on the journey….

called Life.


Daily Thought

Daily Thought

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