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Don’t Fall for the Great Equaliser Myth

Born Whole

The British prime minister is currently in intensive care, being treated for complications arising from the Coronavirus and his underlings in the cabinet don’t waste a moment to pronounce publicly that Johnson’s case is proof that the Coronavirus is indiscriminate and that we’re all in this together.

That isn’t quite true, though, is it, for as journalists and writers like Afua Hirsch and Kenan Malik have shown in recent articles, not only are working-class people, the unemployed and the homeless more vulnerable to the effects of the virus but so too are people from the Black and Asian communities.

The first four doctors to die from Covid-19 in Britain were Muslim men from Asian and African backgrounds and, of the dozens of transport workers who’ve died after catching the virus on the job, a disproportionate number were black or Asian.

Meanwhile, across the pond, it’s reported that 40 % of…

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Find Beauty in Each Day

Find one thing of beauty in your reach. Admire it and try to feel grateful. Now, expand that feeling and think of 2 more things you are grateful for right now.
Keep the feelings with you, and if you get down remember to stay in the moment of the good feelings. And breathe!

Daily Thought

Present Moment

Here we are

the thread is sown,

seeing life

as upside down.

Gives us leave

to create…

a day with passion,

before unknown.

See the light,

See the bees,

See the budding cherry trees.

Know its all

a blink in time,

feel the brightness

to align.

Go within,

feel the beat,

hear the song

in your heart.

Daily Thought

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

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