Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day

Daily Inspiration

Hold the higher vision, keep the faith!

Daily Thought

Every step following your passion & purpose allows the Universe to respond in kind! Whole worlds open up you never knew about merely by allowing transformation!

Daily Thought

Presence = Magic

Fall Wisdom

Autumnal grace

as shadows fall …

in silent space,

accompanied by

crunching leaves

the sounds of Fall.

Crisp, cool air,

further beauty,

no despair.

Keeps me walking

light as air.

Woods unfold their

silent beauty,

burnished colors

on display,

trees of old

giving sway.

As tenants of our wondrous planet,

wisdom lost in abandon,

let us not forget this day.

Daily Thought

Stay present in each moment

Daily Thought

Magic Fall

Fall leaves adorn the earth

giving sway to fairies mirth,

laughing and dancing,

then they fall,

spinning magic with the call.

Of lights and sounds and whispers long,

the smell of wood smoke draws them all,

to secret hideaways,

safe and warm, night falls.

As tales are told,

gathered in by fire’s light,

bidding all

a sweet good night.

Daily Motivation

Love is allowing not resisting

Daily Inspiration

How? Stillness allows for diving into the depths of your soul.

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