If you are seeking answers to help you discover your true purpose in life, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you have had a successful career, marriage, or raised the kids yet still feel like something is missing.  If you yearn to feel passion and a sense of happiness from zero-ing in on what you are here to do, Secrets to Self Awareness Online Course can help.

A Practical Guide to Awareness is a step by step guide to finding fulfillment through self awareness.  This interactive guide will help you answer the questions that take you on a path to discovery. Along with its companion workbook, Putting Awareness into Practice, we will create an easy way for you to create space in your day to focus on your desires.

Coming in April: My online course is a two part session which includes the two books, A Practical Guide to Awareness and its companion workbook, Putting Awareness Into Practice.

In these sessions I walk you through making your own vision or dream board which aims to illustrate your perfect dream life. In this exercise you play with ideas and visions of your perfect life but it leads you to answers with a visual intent. After the session when you see your vision, you will amaze yourself.

Then I utilize various exercises to bring you to the present moment, like guiding you through mindfulness exercises, and how to create space in your day in order allow for flow. This allows in the space for you to consider your day, with out feeling pressured to say yes to everything. Building this into each day will become second nature as you practice.

Finally, I walk with you outside to help you understand how mindfulness works, by describing the surroundings to yourself, integrating this visual and keeping you right in the present moment. This will help you stay in the moment, appreciate your surroundings and actually see where you are and feel it.  Once you understand these concepts you can then apply them to other areas of your life. We will drill down to the essence of you and it will be awe-inspiring!

Please register now to have your books in time for the course initiation. The course will begin on Monday, April 1st with recorded sessions available. By signing up you will be shipped the books, and a curriculum.

Self Awareness Online Course

Included with the two sessions, are the books, A Practical Guide to Awareness and its companion workbook, Putting Awareness Into Practice. We will conduct live Q & A after the sessions which will be scheduled.