Dear Friends: today’s world is a bit unpredictable, right?

That is why self-discovery into who you are, and knowing your self is the only thing you can rely on. Do you feel that you are still missing something in life? Have you wondered what your purpose is and why you feel there is an absence of answers to your questions?

The answer is that you seek your purpose! I discovered my purpose after the age of 50, when I attended a writing retreat and was inspired to write my books. I was led to publish the books and begin helping others achieve self awareness, now my life’s work.  Ask yourself, what is it that ignites your unbridled passion and happiness? Do you know what makes you truly happy when you are engaging in an activity, whether it is writing, painting, helping or healing others, or creating?

When we come from within as the strength and foundation of our actions and daily life, we know to expect. We know we can count on ourselves and that no matter what everything is going to be ok and we can co-create our reality.

If you want to know what your purpose is and how to co-create your reality, I can help you with my online course. (Three sessions for 30 minutes each) I am offering this now on a one on one basis for those who are seeking. The cost is $150 but I am open to helping those in need.

Check out my books page on this site to learn about my book, A Practical Guide to Awareness, it is a step by step guide to self-fulfillment through awareness. Please contact me via email to sign up or with any questions you may have at

See you soon!