“Whether you’ve just started exploring a more authentic approach or have decades of experience with the foundational practices of meditation, conscious movement, journaling and nurturing your creative soul, the core principles of the Conscious Path remain the same:

  • Develop awareness to discover your true nature as the space out of which who you think you are plays out.
  • Maintain that alert, present and heartful state of being which increasingly becomes your default setting.
  • Live and work from the mysterious ground of pure potential to make the contribution that only you can make.

Imagine a world where everyone is joyfully aligned with who they truly are and empowered to express themselves creatively, make conscious choices to realize their full potential and meet challenges skilfully…

For me this is a vision worth working towards.”

How about you?

Excerpt from Julia McCutchen’s blog – Conscious Writing for Creative Living. You can find Julia’s writing coach work at http://www.juliamccutchen.com.