I am frequently asked how to find purpose in work and daily life. In fact, people want to know how I  eventually aligned my work with  my purpose.

To address the questions, there are two very different answers, to be sure .

I ask you, how do you find purpose in YOUR work or job daily? Here are helpful tips.

First, one must be as self aware as possible to figure what serves your purpose, right?

By that I mean, what lights your fire, turns you on, makes you want to jump for joy or assists in helping you feel useful!

Self-awareness is the basis of all personal happiness. For when we know ourselves, we create a barrier to negativity by creating boundaries to unhappiness, to wasting time and many other things that allow for drawbacks to experiencing the ultimate day.

Now you ask, how can I become more self aware and how does that help me understand my purpose?  The deeper we dive into our soul with the tools as prescribed, the sooner you will understand what makes you tick! What makes you feel alive, happy, passionate and purposeful.  You will better understand triggers any negativity, as well. It is a practice, and a journey, nothing happens overnight. Just by aligning your self with an attempt to understand all of it, allows for an openness to receive.

Here are some tips for enhancing your purpose in the workaday world.

  1. Look at the upside or positive in each person as a person. We’re all in this together right?
  2. Stay present in the moment as much as possible. Wishing the day away, never made it actually happen.
  3. Stick to your business, not others business.
  4. Make a list in the morning of what will help you feel better in terms of accomplishment. It can be anything! Make sure you do that one thing. It can be as simple as writing a letter to a dear friend.
  5. Remember to create space in your day to have quiet time for intention towards this action and freeing your mind of the negative self-talk. Do it first thing in the morning before you turn on the TV, the phone or radio. Breathe into it, free your mind and even if for 5 minutes you are in the space of nothingness, your whole being will benefit!

When you arrive at work or at your desk at home, with the intention of being positive or purpose filled, you will notice a difference. Not to mention, your health will improve.

According to a research article in Health Psychology Magazine, also summarized in the Institute of Coaching newsletter: “research showing that a strong sense of purpose in life is associated with reduced risk of stroke, cardiovascular events, cognitive impairment as well as overall mortality risk… and the ability of the body to withstand wear and tear caused by stress.” 

For more tips on ways to increase your self awareness, find my article on vocal.com, elephantjournal.com, or here on my blog. Check out my online course Manage Fear Now. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Please share this and other poetry or blogs as much as you like.

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