Until the dawn

the moon awakes,

finding unrest in those

of little faith,

wondering wherein lies their fate.

Waking, pacing, in the night,

moonglow lights the path,

of sleeplessness…

a bit of comfort

barely kept,

in the hearts of those who leapt,

to the call of well lit nights,

creeping in to help the fight….

of worry.

Now the dawn

it does hush the mind…

calling forth another time,

when life was simple, quiet and small,

guiding hearts  toward a wall,

where upon a name is writ,

circling doubt at heaven’s way,

how can this be,

is what they say.

But, as we go

remember this,

we are not alone,

and in those moments of darkness,

close your eyes and feel the pull,

taking you to an inward bliss.

See the light surrounding all,

know the way is there, but to say,

I trust, I love with Faith its clear,

Today is the day,

I know the way.