Love is harsh in earthly realms,

in darkness of the soul,

waiting for the dawn to take,

a meaning we longed for ….

through night’s embrace.

Open eyes,

open heart,

when determined to depart.

Tis the age old mystery of love,

how and when will it grow?

Through the days

of whispering fears,

guiding actions,

some filled with tears.

Do we know the path to take?

Will we, should we,

but forsake…

the pact made when all was grand,

now in ashes upon the sand.

Turn your head,

and see beyond,

not what is before your eyes,

close them to look,

for sweetest dawn.

Feel the vibration

of your knowing,

Feel the light…

do you have what it takes

to fight?

If you do,

will you take a stand

for your heart?

Little else matters

but to right

the wrongs leveled,

upon the few,

never asking for gain,

only aiding,

those we love,

in heartfelt vows,

to be together even in pain.

Now is when we feel the most,

turning inward,

readying for flight,

but standing strong

to shine our light.