To be the answer

for the one,

to feel your embrace

upon rising sun,

to die each day

when is is done,

this is life…

as humans toil,

for standing in

the worldly soil.

Never seeing life

as real,

only that which

turns the wheel,

never happy

being free,

enslaving each other

with guilty pleas.

Life is love

Life is choice

see the difference

use your voice.

Not this world

created by men,

not the evil

present when…

all is lost

to greed and strife,

no more value

of sweetest life.

The time has come

to take a stand,

as the keepers

of this land…

to be the life,

to be the love,

to be the Angels

from above.

There is a way

to feel again,

to start the morning

fresh, not grim,

to see the good

in all there is …

to be the lightness

in the dark,

knowing that we

play this part,

for the planet to Ascend.