Morning spirit

joins the dance,

wakens heart

with a glance

at rising sun

colors warming

from the one…

Feel the earth

spin round and round,

see the energy

without sound,

free the heart

from tarnished bonds,

seeking freedom

in the night

to dance the dance,

within the light.

To lessen evil

in the fight,

the greater good

taking flight.

In the lesson

the word is there

circled with its own despair,

yet its meaning

lacks a flair,

for reality

to pretend…

tis not there.

Leads us to

a breaking point,

where to now?

lead the way…

strengthens us

this very day

with the victories of old.

Into the fray,

from which we’re told,

the prophets and saints

throughtout history

turn the page,

seeing what others

cannot say…

Only seen through

heart and soul,

what we’re meant,

from mother’s womb

then we waken

to the doom,

of earthly life,

without memory

lost but not

yet holding on

to the inkling

in the dawn.

With the faintest

ray of sun,

knowing at once

the plight

of each one

who wakes to ponder


in all its wonder.