Upon the wide open milky way,

a soaring blanket of stars,

guides me evermore…

holding sway.

Flying through the silky black path,

lit by planets,

a shining cloak …

steering me back.

On and on and on  I travel,

to the place I know and treasure,

changing quickly throughout time,

to unravel,

leaving no trace…

from whence I came.

All at once I feel the source,

the Brotherhood’s love

surrounds my spirit,

binding our pact,

which I inherit!

I’m home again,

to recharge my soul,

home again,

never growing old,

home again….

unconditional love.

All this and more

is my gift.

To know the way is born of faith,

to carry my heart,

through deepest grief,

my soul afire,

I’ll keep on flying.

Throughout the heavens,

existing on love,

simple and free,

tis there for me.