Here it comes

I feel the touch

I hear the distant whispers


my heart.

Magic nears

tingling my ears,

bringing new love,

from above.

A new day is dawning,

it is here for all,

shinging its light,

we must heed the call!


Fear not!

Dear Ones…

time is on our side,

we must stand together,

for we are all one.

The current is electric,

can you sense its arrival?

Tis bringing a new hope,

a new world force,

we are rising up,

to help all cope.

The time is now

to listen to your soul,

the time is now,

to make life whole.

Beginning today,

make paradise your reality,

beginning today,

rise up with creativity.

Its coming soon,

it arrives in the night,

completing our mission,

of love based survival,

bringing us truth,

taking the ride,

giving us strength,

to get to the other side.