They came in silence,

one by one,

witness to the holy son.

Bearing gifts from far and wide,

seeking answers,

until such time.

As the One evolved,

to change the world,

forever more,

our Faith unfurled.

This depth of knowing,

some would say,

is born within us,

until the day,

we call upon its mighty grace,

to spread its love,

amongst the human race.

Some also say…

its learned by love,

by Angels whispering

from above.

Harking the melody

of its bright refrain,

as hearts are opened,

as hate disappears without a trace.

No matter how,

no matter when,

one calls within,

to brave the world,

tis the wonder of this life,

it will lead you through

and conquer strife.

Faith by its name

is soft and sweet,

Faith by its strength,

will make you free,

Faith by its nature,

will make us one.