When once we see beyond the veil,

secret galaxies revealed,

ushers in a moment when,

all else within this reality -pales…

Try as might,

its too late now,

the vibration changed…

the heart has grown,

into an otherworldly hail

of light…

To strike the organ we call love,

an open blow, a deeply felt wound,

whats the use of this? we cry to whom?

It is the journey we call life,

nothing less than sacrifice,

of selfish focus, words and deeds,

of inner voices we must not heed.

To circle back and join the rest,

or fly ahead and at Source’s behest,

to live our mission helping all…

ascend to heaven.

What is heaven, yours or mine?

How is it defined throughout time,

Tis the paradise we know,

love throughout and letting go,

do it now on Earth and show,

the perfection we have within…

to create the now.