And the Universe cried

as our collective sighs,

whispered through

the sky…

just as we were about to die.

And when we leave

our bodies behind…

the joy we feel is so sublime.

To float, to dance, to fly away,

never to care in earthly time,

no more worry, no more shame,

its all a part of a complex game.

Tis true we think,

as connected to a brain,

no so  we know from a

soul’s embrace…

All join in the cosmic dance,

it is meant for us

to suddenly glance…

and find we no longer exist,

within a frame,

completely made of self refrain.

On and on and on we go…

into the ether,

without regret,

Love is the way,

it is all that is.

Can’t we see the light

as a path to let live?

As we leave behind

those not ready to be free,

know this my brethren,

you are all a part of me.