If I  cannot expess,

my broken heart,

If I cannot understand why it

all fell apart,

then what is my purpose,

what is my art?

Why am I here

what is my part?

In the grand scheme,

I break the paradigm,

righter of wrong,

speaker forsooth

can I,

will I,

stand up for our our truth?

Surrounded by enemies

ever vigilant to depart,

from the path of honesty,

ready to stand apart.

That is the plan

for the darker evil,

divide and conquer,

no matter the collateral.

What can we do ?

Our lightworkers ask,

how do we remain,

conscious to the task.

As we have before,

with broken hearts,

we strive onward,

stalwart as before,

through the dark night,

onward we must go,

onward we sow,

the  seeds of hope and light,

as lightworkers we go.

It is our path,

it is our plight,

to hold the lantern

forward through the night.

How you ask,

how do we bestow,

hope to others,

laboring below?

Below the layers of dawn and  dusk,

below the layers of favorable and

utmost trust…

We have been here before,

we will be again,

we must prevail ,

or evil will reign.

We know not why we have to endure,

but it is our fate,

and here we are,

it our choice, it is our fate.

So do not lose hope,

do not lose faith,

in our darkest hours,

the light remains.