We know its our time,

yet dont take the step,

that moves us forward,

for our lives to shine.

Why do we hesitate?

Why do we wait?

Is it fear of feeling a difference?

Conditioned to think its too late….

Told for so long,

we will not tally up,

to others expectations.

Fear not,

all those who dream…

of boldness,

of strength,

of beauty,

and new worlds.

Know the truth that sets you apart,

know the truth this is yours to impart,

that is your gift alone,

it will set you free.

It is there in your heart,

be in silence to hear,

the ringing of bells,

faintly  cheering,

you on…

Believe it is real,

for each man, woman and child,

see beyond the illusion,

share your gift of inclusion,

it is meant for all,

to heal the rift.

Centuries old,

the stories foretold,

for now we behold ,

the call to erase

all darkness and evil,

from the human race.