As the day reveals itself

I know the hymn,

chanting, moving,

going within..

Connecting worlds

is how I leave …

the force of earth

that is trapping me.

Now I fly and leave the race,

all trying to save face,

its pointless yes, I see that now,

but I will go and come back …


The time is upon us,

onward we travel,

we commit to the test,

in order to unravel…

the quest.

The heaven’s have gifted the words

to my care,

I honor the blessings

and promise to share…

the word.

Of the word I am keeper,

it is my secret,

it is my curse.

The one who carries,

mystery in verse.

Answers so simple,

many cry its subversive…

Look again Dear Ones,

it’s as clear as day,

waiting for the key

you can unlock the gate,

walk into your power,

walk into your grace,

wake up to your gift,

it’s yours to take.