The North winds blows my soul

across the milky way,

gently escorting my dreams…

Time before,

and time now,

where does it go,

how can I know?

Flying higher spirit released,

exploding into harmony,

seeing all there is…

Present, future and past,

flowing like lava,

my essence knows,

tis a gift to hold so close,

for the times there’s no repose.

The earth appears,

I must go back,

deciding on a graceful tack,

o’er the oceans of far away lands,

glorious trees and golden sands.

My heart now present,

I’m almost there,

remembering the journey is all we have,

and finally…. to live without fear.

The gift is buried,

deep inside my being,

to draw from anytime a tear


The presence of  a magic trip,

into the realms

we’re unaware of …

due to ignorance,

dark and silent.

There is the light

to shine through the night,

to share without abandon,

changing the paradigm…

changing our lives.

Moving, sailing into the wide blue skies.