Heal my heart,

cleanse my soul,

return me to the days of old.

Being, caring, running free,

joy as part of our history…

gazing on the ink black sea,

could it be my Galilee?

Olive trees, hills and blue blue sky,

endless bounty greets the mind’s eye.

Feeling as though we’re home at last,

even as the distant past,

makes it way along a path …

within my heart.

Mending deep hurts,

in order to start,

the life we are here to share,

seeing with faith,

living with love,

that we instill from above.

The beams of light that bring the link,

to carry on…

to keep the faith.

As agreed among the few,

who know each other,

with just a gaze,

that points the way amidst the maze…

of this human existence.