I hear the Great Horned Owl,

calling my name,

as though life would never be the same,

a harbinger of fate,

the past dancing in flames.

Morning silence,

broken by bursts.

of bird calls sealing change.

Feeling the sensation,

hearing my name,

my life to begin,

all over again.

Age old stories,

tell the tale,

harking back to the days,

when all life was veiled…

to the outsider looking in,

all was calm,

but not within.

Growing excitement,

yet still holding back,

knowing the sequence of love, loss and lack,

seeing the tide change,

smelling the air,

yet feeling no fear.

The moments arrive,

one by one,

compiling the year

of independence begun,

moving to starlight,

navigating the skies,

flying with energy,

sent from above,

now forward motion,

to help those without Love.