Time cannot erase

the loving embrace,

of my brothers and sisters,

the peace on their faces.

Once we were together to claim,

the unity of the One Love,

the calling we name…


Our hearts feel the pull,

of that long ago time,

recalling the details we put into place,

to call upon at will.

Each forever holds a key,

to the Open Heart…

in order to feel it,

one need only to see…

The Way.

Tis a different path for you than for me,

Yet we have a gift to share,

and to believe…

The Word.

The time to mourn is past,

for our way of life,

tis over now,

As we know, it would not last.

Hearts hold the key,

to the endless spirit,

a past to conceal,

we commune to receive,

and  undoubtedly feel…

a lifetime of love.