Traveling at the speed of light,

bursts of color fuel my brain,

looking inward to resurrect passion,

sometimes like a passing train.

Loving, Seeing, Feeling,

throughout our days well lived.

What is it then,

that keeps us on the edge,

of life…

Happiness is fleeting to some,

it is my drumbeat,

toward a bright horizon,

that keeps me marching boldly on,

believing in the Pot O’ Gold thereon.

Rainbow seekers,

join the sojourn,

moving in constant wonder,

showering a hopeful song,

outward sending to the frightened,

that we help to boldly brighten,

a moment….

in time.

Shine on, douse fear,

ignite the fire,

to inspire…


See it now in every day,

picture love to seize the day.

Happy hearts take up the sword,

conquer darkness without fear.

It is our duty,

it is our call,

help our planet to evolve.