I heard the North wind,

whistling my name,

calling calling,

until I came,

to help the bear the burden

of those in pain.

Onward to the flow,

of a source

I’ve yet to know.

Faith is my heart,

Love is my blood,

Hope is my vision,

for the greater good.

For all who are lost,

and all who are seekers,

know we are here for you,

waiting with answers.

Believe in yourself,

Believe in a  way,

to accomplish your dreams,

it is there for you each day.

Know that your burden

whatever it is,

is shared with us all,

to create a lightness,

like a candle lit room,

throughout the world

to chase the doom.

Until we are one,

until we are the same,

I will hear the North wind

calling my name.