In the heavens and on the earth,

we cast aside our questionable mirth,

glancing sideways to and fro,

in order to reveal this ancient dearth.

Now rushing into the blue green ocean,

cleansing our souls.

Leading us to our birthplace

in the womb,

of water.

Floating in silence, waiting….

for the moment when,

we take the  path we chose at birth.

Spires in the clouds,

a gateway to heaven.

Swimming for my life,

I’m fading away…

into the ether toward serenity.

Riding highways made of clouds,

seeing rainbows in the crowds,

of Angels…

Flying side by side,

sending love to hearts

that collide,

with the mission that is our fate.

Let us lift up all who hate,

now we must eliminate,

in order to seal the fate,

of our planet to ascend,

and so we go to forever end,

the darkness.