The carpetbaggers arrived or so I’m told,

strangely dressed and bearing gifts one winter’s eve.

What ho?  The villagers cried!

We come in peace to show the way,

we come to you from far away.

Though called by you as if aware,

the dreams you weave have led us here.

One by one you sent in flight,

the very nature of your plight.

This can’t be so they said and felt,

that trickery must be the reason.

But no the visitors cried, we will show you

just let us come inside.

Through eyes of kindness came the request,

as peace and stillness filled the air,

like a calm wind settling in.

The hesitation now disappeared.

Of course we shall–they said,

come in, come in!

You must be hungry, tired and thirst,

after a journey such as this.

Tell us your story,

what have you seen?

Tis quiet here but many have been sad,

the death of our children have made us so.

We pray each night to the heavens above,

asking for peace and to cease the pain.

Dear Ones, we heard your prayers and came to say,

that your children rest with God this day.

In heaven and on earth their souls were free,

to leave and fly, though you’ll see them again.

They served their purpose, tis over now,

there will be more little ones to love,

and smooth their brows,

and comfort in the long nights.

You can love again never doubt.

We came to change you,

to help you fight such ennui.

We felt your heart deep inside,

do not cry more tears

or try to hide the hole you feel there.

We can stitch with magic thread

to take the hurt and ease your fears.

Silence filled the room …. as the questions were asked.

How do you know this, how can you repair our broken hearts

of these years past?

Their faces and eyes filled with tears sliding down,

to disappear.

A glimmer of hope was all it took to begin the work.

Love came with the strangers and it changed the air,

now breathe it in.

The hearts were sown with tender care,

and all were mended,

chasing the doom.

The thoughts of the little babes would remain,

but now as Angels in the clouds,

their beauty felt and seen and heard,

through memories cherished forever more.

The strangers left with silent care,

the happiness restored.

Throughout the town,

they filled the void with love and peace,

and went on to heal with almighty grace.