The magic calls with the night owl…

across the miles I feel the pull

like a magnet,

like a drumbeat drawing me near,

to my destiny.

Closer and closer  I come

to the day,

when I walk through the gate,

on sacred ground,

feeling my heart pound

with peace and love.

I’m home again… I weep with joy!

The words cannot say what the heart holds inside,

but will be my life’s work until I die.

To attempt the impossible,

to tell the story,

from beginning to end in all its glory.

To share the pure love,

the tale of those who came before,

giving their lives to better our own.

We each have a gift

it must be shared…

that is our purpose, why we are here.

You’ve taken the risk, now dive in and write,

we must do our part to share the light.