The finch twitters from branch to branch

seeking the sustenance it craves…

and when it finds the secret hoard

of holy wisdom, then it fades.

To another world, another fate, as if in trance

rising like the Phoenix out of the Ash,

burning yet alive…

flying higher and higher,

flames rippling off its feathers.

Creating anew

the life of a seeker,

its goals to renew,

the faith of a follower.

Ever faithful yet true,

still needing confirmation

of the path,

toward which hope beckons…

riding soulful and blue

wondering the direction it goes to.

Following in faith yet unsure in trust,

the lesson of heart, of mind, of old

is to keep the path of that we are told.

The light surely rises and cleanses the day,

for all seekers to lead the way.

Now different in presence

its former body gone…

yet eternal in soul to remember and mourn,

striking out on the path

for the purpose is clear….

the new world is coming its time draws near!