The sailing ship aided escape into the inky night,

as brightly shining above shone a lone star’s light.

The wind carried me swiftly as if the hounds of death gave chase,

racing into the future fearing all was erased,

the hopes, the dreams,

the love and the fight.

Now I must go to fulfill a vision…

that which befell me from the moment of birth,

a unified heaven of glorious mirth.

Full of clattering children and deep abiding love,

to keep an open heart with help from above.

No more will I run, no more will I hide, tis my future I run to,

not the past I chide.

As the stars guide my path,

and spirits dance on the waves….

I feel complete faith

as I witness the Sun’s rays…

guiding me onward,

the path is clear,

I travel toward freedom to welcome the day!