As I walk upon the dusty road, it rises up to envelop me, the heat a stasis for my soul.

I travel down the path few choose as I gaze at the golden desert, vivid images rise before me as a mirage. Wavering, shining and pulling me into the dream I go willingly… swimming into the scene I feel a lightness and have no physical form at all . I fly everywhere at once and I leave behind my dusty existence to fly away into freedom. Freedom of my soul exists in this realm, the feeling is glorious! I leave the world behind as I witness true wonders in my minds eye, as I have no eyes to see. Surrounded by feeling, by spirit, by love, I explode with the ecstasy of this moment in eternity.

Soaring, I’m blissfully aware of all the other souls along for the ride! Onward we go as far as we can to experience a timeless, weightless, center of being which shows us what we will see when we leave our bodies and transition to the beginning. What a joyous time to join with my soul group to confirm what I’ve felt all along. That we are ether and one day reunited with all of those we love and cherish. I fall back from the heights of vision no longer flying. Transcending the veil– I go back to my body on this dry, dusty road in the golden desert I so love. No longer flying but bolstered by my vision and traveling on the journey with renewed hope and love, to share, to inspire and to serve another day.