O Noel, noel the eve is upon us

we stride in open fields with snow,

toward the knave at Christmas.

Tis here we breathe, tis here we seal the fate of

our world-

with the zeal of truth and light.

Murmurs in the candlelit dark

all incandescent towards the holy church,

a line of flames in the sky and on the earth.

Holy, holy, hearts on fire

with our mission we retire,

to the home of our beginnings

with the awe struck joy of faith

It is within

as all began and will never end.

Prayerful, hopeful leading us on

we stand united in the form

of one love taught so long ago,

not to die the witnesses know…

but to continue to slake the thirst

of our people who seek the truth.

On the eve of Noel, we carry our flame

and will not let go….

till the end of time and then

we’ll know all the answers.