Engraved upon the wooden bow

She rode in front to slice the waves

Our Goddess leader she did show,

the brave path for the fight…

always leading with the light.

As we traveled on and on

Stronger yet through the dawn,

Feeling the faith inside of us

Knowing our will was in the right.

Braver still as we approach the war,

of light and dark forevermore.

Breathing, seeing, feeling the air of righteous soldiers everywhere.

We join the sea of unyielding change,

to bring it forth to seize the day.

For we are warriors with the might

and love, to make all things right.

We will, we are, it must be so…

to move the world, unchain the chains,

to free the just and bring humanity

where we must, the destination unknown.

We rise above and move ahead with the power of increasing faith

to change the paradigm as is written,

our souls to rise, our work is done.