The sun rose and the wind blows

the day begins.

We say our thanks and move into

our path,

riding the river as it flows.

Feeling the freedom the water portends…

seeing the beauty of mountains and trees,

breathing the coolness of the air… aaahhh

this is life in all its glory what more is needed.

We see the story,

as it unfolds in each little spark

bearing fruit to ideas in the dark.

One day they shine and light like a fire,

to be the next savior or funeral pyre.

We know not which but wait for the sign

that our Angels send us

is it my time?

Good bye to this earth, good bye to my loves…

hello to the lightness of being I birth.

When it is time we will know and answer the call,

it will be like a journey which ends with a beautiful

rainbow surrounded by friends,

most of all Love , that is all that there is.