Glitter, glitter sparkle and shine

water flowing to the primal rhythm

of ancient music only Angels hear

in the vast and open wide blue sphere.

What is the reason that we do

all the unexpected human things?

We hear the inner guide whisper the path …

yet we choose to ignore the wisdom given

If we can follow our guide we are happier in the divide

between here and there,

beyond the veil.

Tis our nature, tis our choice

to be brain led through this life.

If we can only listen to our heart

ceaseless pleasure is without strife…

But we still carry on, a reason to suffer,

a reason to voice… our displeasure to all around

in our life and in our world,

pushing others to stay away.


if you can –to your heart song

lovely and grand…

A unique symphony playing for all human beings,

to follow the sound your life can take

riding the notes of the band that plays

in the heavens

and in your soul,

for you alone it creates the key

to freedom…

you can hear it if you only