Painted ribbons of silver wisps frame the sky,
even to my untrained eye
the Noble Unicorn sails throughout the pastel puffs of pink, orange, blue and white, singing with delight.
Onward toward the stars he moves singing and painting as he goes.
Now I see a heavenly host, opening light belays the quest – a sparkling staircase ….
leading toward the castles in the sky.

The clouds of misty magic that we spy, lead us to the reasons why…
We dream of lands and beauty untold in our midst.
The tales of old continue their tryst
with our imagination to impart pictures to our minds eye..
giving us hope throughout the times;
when we need them
when we are low
when we are threatened
by the blow of reality on this earth.

When all seems too much to bear,
then we go to the heavenly clouds and gaze upon their gateway to the light.
Forever leading us in the night.